Jual Profometer Proceq PM 650 Harga Mura Kang

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Jual Profometer Proceq PM 650 Harga Mura Kang

Jual Profometer Proceq PM 650 Harga Mura Kang

Profometer PM-650 is an advanced cover meter for the precise and non destructive measurement of concrete cover and rebar diameters and the detection of rebar locations using the eddy current principle with pulse induction as the measuring method.

Based on the new generation Profometer Touchscreen unit, the instrument offers real time control over the measurement procedure directly on site. The high resolution color display allows best possible measuring and analysis of the statistical data for an entire working day ( battery lifetime > 8h) .

The instrument comes along with a Universal Probe including a spot probe especially suited for areas with congested rebar arrangement such as columns, girders and slabs over columns.

Visual assistance for scanning speed and signal strength control
Settings directly accessible on the measurement screen
Graphical display of measured values and minimum cover set
Change settings before and after storage
PM-Link software for downloading saved data to a PC for analysis and export to third party applications
All-in-one Universal Probe including standard, long range and spot probe
Spot probe specially for areas with congested rebar arrangements
Housing specially designed to be used on-site in harsh environments, including carrying strap, integrated stand and sunshield cover
High resolution color display
Battery lifetime of > 8h
8 GB Flash memory
Dual core processor supporting diverse communication and peripheral interfaces
Future proof investment through direct upgrade possibilities to upcoming Profometer products

Technical Data
Cover Measuring Range     Up to 185 mm ( 7.3“ )
Cover Measuring Accuracy     ± 1 mm to ± 4 mm ( 0.04” to 0.16” )
Measuring Resolution     Depending on diameter and cover
Path Measuring accuracy on smooth surface     ± 3 mm ( 0.12” ) + 0.5% to 1.0% of measured length
Display     7” colour display 800x480 pixels
Diameter Measuring Range     Up to 63 mm ( 2.5“ )
Diameter Measuring Accuracy     ± 1 bar size
Memory     Internal 8 GB Flash memory
Regional Settings     Metric and imperial units and multi-language supported
Battery     Lithium Polymer, 3.6 V, 14.0 Ah
Battery Lifetime     > 8h ( in standard operating mode)
Mains     9 V – 15 V / 2.0 A
Weight ( of display device) About 1' 525 g ( incl. Battery)
Operating temperature     0° C – 30° C ( Charging* , running instrument)
0° C – 40° C ( Charging, instrument is off)
-10° C – 50° C ( Non-charging)
Humidity     < 95 % RH, non condensing
IP Classification     IP54
Standards and Directives     CE certification

Profometer 650 consisting of Profometer touchscreen, universal probe with ruggedized scan cart, probe cable 1.5 m (5 ft), power supply, USB cable, chalk, DVD with software, documentation, carrying strap and carrying case

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Jual Profometer Proceq PM 650 Harga Mura Kang

Jual Profometer Proceq PM 650 Harga Mura Kang

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